Feedback from March 1 Seminar attendees

It was very enlightening. It was a very wonderful seminar - a combination of lovely, practical & funny one of a kind seminar that’s worth more than your money. I really am tight when it comes to money but when I attended the seminar, I feel like it’s a giveaway!! I believe the 33 amazing laws are for real & very applicable. Thank you.
Jen Sanorjo
Auditor, SC Innova Holdings

This seminar is very timely for me. As my family prepares for our immigration to Canada next month, I have been searching for anything that will enable to us to attain success in our new environment. A few years ago I got into financial trouble and until now still in millions of debt. After this seminar I feel more resolved to look for ways to pay my debt and eventually become a millionaire. A million thanks to Mr. Rodolfo Torres!!!
Rogelio M. Minas
Accountant, Mines and Geosciences Bureau

It is really a must attended seminar for every Filipino. It will develop physical, emotional & spiritual, financial aspects of our life. This seminar enlightens & gave the true meaning & purpose of life.
Jonathan Rey Nebres
Customer Service Representative, APAC Customer Services

I am so happy that I have attended this seminar, I really feel blessed Mr. Rudy has a great way of delivering with sincerity in his talk.
I will definitely recommend this seminar to our company. I believe my officemates/co-workers will benefit a lot.
Thank you so much! I received more than I paid for.
Rufina Garcia
Software Engineer, Accenture Inc.

I have to admit I was too tired because I came from work & straight to this seminar, but just the same I really did appreciate the deeper understanding I had of God’s natural laws, were not just man-made but natural laws that would stand the test of time. Thank you for explaining them to me.
I was most especially touched by the features on The Universe and little Dana’s story.
Melissa Maloles

Great, it’s truly amazing. I have learned a lot and I am ready to use those laws in my life. It is highly recommendable, I will recommend it. Honestly, my mind is fine tuned and starting to claim what God is in store for me.
Ely Martin
Network Administrator

The seminar was very intriguing and interesting. It gave me a mental blueprint of how can I achieve my goal of financial freedom for the next 6 to 12 months. I would recommend this seminar to my relatives, friends and colleagues. Two thumbs up! Highly recommendable!!
Feliciano Cruz Jr. (Bok)
Nurse/ Businessman

I thank the speaker, Mr. Rudy Torres for his generosity of sharing his ideas, experience, and insights of getting wealthy, healthy and am more God-centered.
I like best the presentation about The Universe - how big and powerful God is. I just realized how small I am compared to Him, to his power. I also like the presentation about “The Hands” vs. “His Hand”, how He forgave us.
I like the Law of Preparation and Law of Unfailing Success the most. Truly God directs every man and makes everyone successful if we will just allow Him.
It’s lively and lots of jokes, fun yet inspiring & gives impact to my life.
Jay A. Villar
Accountant, Calamba Medical Center

It’s a good refresher of what I have learned from books and other similar seminars I have attended. It consolidated different learnings from different programs and I appreciate the take home materials.
I’m thankful the new lessons I picked up especially the Law of a Relaxed Mind, the inspirational quotes & entertaining but insightful stories. The real challenge is living the lessons and what I will become and achieve after this seminar.
Jeni Fernandez
Business Owner / Consultant

Angelica U. Valeriano